Hard work and passion are the cornerstones of Life Or Death. This full-service public relations, marketing and management firm is built on a simple principle: there is no middle ground in promoting music: it’s all or nothing, life or death. We don’t watch the clock while we’re working, we look at the long game. From celebrity seeding to TV opportunities, print placement to web infiltration, all that we do is based on building careers, not cashing out. We don’t put our faith in formulas. We believe in friendship, collaboration, transparency, and accountability. At Life Or Death, every artist is family.

Heathcliff Berru founded Life or Death as an alternative to assembly-line style PR. He was tired of being handcuffed to a desk, of chasing big budgets and being distanced from clients. A Chicago native, he’d cut his teeth in grassroots show promotion before entering PR, then followed work to New York. There, he was virtually homeless, sleeping at the office or on the train while devoting every waking minute to press campaigns. By 2008, when Berru started his own company in Los Angeles, he’d earned its name. Today, Life Or Death has offices in L.A. and Brooklyn and is rounded out by Nick Dierl, Duncan Will, Kathryn Kenealy, and Bradley Bledsoe — all young, full of fire, and willing to risk all for the good grind.